The People's Campaign encourages citizens from across the United States to re-engage in democracy. It means men and women like you are stepping up to the role of candidate to refocus on the ideals of honest representation. 

Real people representing your communities.

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Benjamin Hernandez - TX 09

"The government should work for the people. I work for you.

I'm not a groomed politician; I'm your neighbor, the CFO at work, the Sunday School teacher. This community is my home and I want to serve by bringing the focus back where it should be, on you."


S. Kellen sweny - TX 22

"You can’t be fully in the community if you’re above it. My wants don’t outweigh the group’s.

I strive to lead by example. This is the most important thing I will ever do because it's all about servant leadership and modeling the engagement I hope is reflected back from the community."